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Cornish summers, moving house and entering film festivals...

We’ve had a beautiful summer so far. It’s been a little distracting and I’ve found myself working more evenings than usual!

Hayle beach video in cornwall
Hayle Beach

Moving House

I’m currently in the process of moving house, which is exciting but very time consuming! Who would have thought doing up a building from 1965 would be so much work...

There's a fresh office waiting for MiMi Media where there’ll be plenty more storage space for lovely new equipment. It's great fun because it's another creative project I've really been able to get stuck into.

Looks a bit doom and gloom, and I've had a few migraines from looking at that carpet but we've nearly finished now so I can get back and focus on making my clients more lovely videos! Phew!

Sustainable Clothing Videos

I've also been working for Nina Constable on a sustainable clothing project. Which has been so interesting.

I never considered where my clothes come from, I buy a lot from the car boot - but did you know that micro plastics are released into our water systems and out to sea when you wash and tumble dry clothes with polyester and other plastic based materials? It's on my to do list (probably after the house gets done, sorry environment, I'm doing my best!) to sort through my wardrobe and have as much natural fibres as possible.

S4S Sustainable Clothing

Cornwall Film Festival

I've entered the Bristol Bat Rescue video into The Cornish Film Festival! Hopefully they find it interesting and if not, I've got plenty of personal projects for next year...

Long Eared Bat - Bristol Bat Rescue

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