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How did I get into video and what makes a good Filmmaker?

After doing a diploma in Animal Management and leaving college I wasn't sure which direction to take. I've always loved trying new things and have ticked off numerous hobbies and adventures over the years. But one thing that's always stayed with me is my love of video production and editing. I decided to do a degree in Applied Media focusing primarily on film.

What keeps me so interested, is that no job is the same and you meet so many different walks of life. And that's what makes a great filmmaker, you want to know more so you can tell the whole story and create great video content. You also have to be willing to go the extra mile to make your work stand out. The most important part of any video is the content, the story and that it connects with an audience out there. Recently I've finished a video for a local textile artist, Jenni Burrows:

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