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Music and artists in Cornwall

Music is incredibly powerful, it helps artists express themselves and helps listeners to sit back and listen as some one describes exactly how you feel. This is what we try and do with film as well, trying to connect with our audience. In June I produced a video for Rosanna Lea which is promoting her album 'Story To Tell' release, which has reached 10k views.

Rosanna Lea Playing Guitar
Rosanna Lea

One of the comments says, "I can completely relate to this song. I spent many hours thinking and escaping at Godrevy and felt it as my sanctuary. After having moved away and returning home, I love Cornwall more than ever and appreciate its aura and beauty. I’ll definitely be buying this song. Thank you for writing it and good luck."

This sums up exactly the story behind her song Evergreen, the longing to be home in Cornwall by the coastline. It's really important to share stories in a world where every thing is so accessible, story is every thing.

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