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Professionally handcrafted art and their untold stories...

Last year I was asked to film the Breeze Art and Makers Fair. There were a big bunch of impressive makers, artists and designers. Top quality mixed with creative individuals is a brilliant combination. What I loved about filming this event was over the three days, in between shooting, I got to chat to a few of the makers and find out about their crafts, how they started and what influences they had. Some stories are filled with sorrow and overcome challenges, others are uplifting lightbulb moments. In so many of these stories, each person's journey really adds to their artwork.

Adrian Holmes Woodblock Printmaker
Adrian Holmes Woodblock Printmaker

I find a lot of artists shy away from talking about themselves, when they should be so proud of the work achieved. Creative industries are so under-rated. Right now, so many people are realising how a mindful practise, like potting, wood work and painting (the list goes on), can distract you and take you into such a relaxed state of mind.

I'm really sad as this year's event has been cancelled, and so many other events have been cancelled. However this doesn't mean we can't keep supporting our makers in these times. If you're online shopping, then buy from your local craftsperson. Nothing matches the quality and love that goes into a product when you get it professionally hand crafted.

Here's the video from last year. Hopefully we can all return to going out to wonderful events soon enough.

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