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Snow in Cornwall... What are the chances?

Making videos is very technical and there's all the jibber jabber technical talk behind cameras, lens, microphones, lights, the list goes on... but what I adore, is uncovering a story and then sharing it. Shining light onto people who deserve attention for their effort spent. Products, projects, services. All the good deeds and business' out there that need to communicate with their audience. And then there's time where it's just about art:

It's great to get involved with other creative people. I've been working closely with Shilly, a performer, on a stunning video shot in Tehidy Woods in Cornwall. It's been so much fun and some times I have to take a moment not to laugh at how lucky I am when I realise this is my job.

We filmed in the Cornish snow, not some thing that happens every year! The last time it snowed like this it was 7-10 years ago. When Shilly said she ideally wanted to film in the snow I told her it was highly unlikely, then a months went by and suddenly there was snow every where! Looking back at the footage had be smiling from cheek to cheek! I was over the moon with the outcome.

The Headpiece Created By Shilly

Shilly created the head piece herself, carved the owl and sourced the feathers ethically. It's even more stunning in person.

The concept is playing with the growth and re-birth of a person. Mental health still has a huge way to go in terms of providing support for those in need. If we are allowed to be ourselves, find our true purpose and really thrive (heads up, Thrive with Ali is a great place to start if you want to really help your mental wellbeing) and enjoy life who knows where we will be in the future.

We have one scene left to film with feather bowers, then I'll be creating 2 videos, one that's PG friendly and can be posted on the website and the other is more explicit for Shilly's Edit!

Stay tuned for more updates on what I'm up to.

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