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What do you stand for? A Cornish Christmas!

I promote local businesses with video. No shipping over from china, upcycled gifts, buying experiences for people, things that avoid pollution.

I stand for the emotional and physical wellbeing of people and our environment. In the previous years, we have become increasingly more aware that plastic is EVERY WHERE. Packaging, products, our clothes, and most alarmingly our food and environment. You're probably aware of the situation. So how do we change it?

Single use plastic needs to be abolished and smarter way of packaging and transporting needs to be implemented. Our consuming ways need a little editing, switching to shampoo bars, buying bamboo tooth brushes. Little movements make huge changes. The plastic bag consumption is way down. Bringing your own bag that can be used. Buying long lasting natural fibre clothes that don't release micro-plastics in the wash.

dHappy Christmas Shopping. Shop local & enjoy yourself :) can make a difference. All great things that happen start off with a small change and a little light bulb going off in a some ones head.

Happy Christmas Shopping. Shop local & enjoy yourself :)

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