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Capture the Moment

Professional Video Production

Investing in video production can be a game-changer for professional purposes. Videos create more engagement than still imagery and increase the emotional connection with your audience. Get in touch for a free hour consultation.

The Leach Pottery required a video that would sum up an event that couldn't be held due to Covid. The short film explores how pottery can be used as a tool for wellbeing. 

Breeze Art and Makers Fair required an event video that showcased different makers. 

Bristol Bat Rescue requested videos that created awe around these little nighttime creatures to encourage volunteers and increase donations. 

This behind the scenes video shows how Sharon creates her metal artwork. These insights are beneficial for small businesses looking to connect with their audience. 

Bosence required a set of recovery stories to showcase to future clients as well as show their positive impact on the lives of people suffering with addiciton. 

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